Hi! I'm Austin Zentz, and I build online tools for education organizations.

I help organizations make HR and finance decisions by building websites that organize data and automate processes. I love to build with Javascript using React and Express, and sometimes I post about those things.

Who I am

I work for educational organizations in DC, and focus on building tools that help them do core work more efficiently. I've mostly focused on staff-focused tools, especially around HR and finance/budgets.

Before I came into this role, I taught middle school social studies for 4 years in and near DC. That was hard, rewarding work.

When I'm not working, I'm usually hanging out with my wife and two young kids. When they're asleep, I might be playing Overwatch on the Xbox. 😃


I'm Austin Zentz. I live in Washington, DC. I build and customize tools that help school systems make smart decisions. When I can, I work with Javascript, and I sometimes write about what I find.

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