Sometimes, I write about things. Mainly about what I've learned in web development over the years. Find it interesting, or wrong? Let me know.

  • Authentication basics on the web

    7/28/2021The first post in a series that guides new web developers through authenticating users. We'll get into issues with localstorage, and then look to three different ways you can safely/securely authenticate.
  • Simple Email Contact Forms with NextJS

    9/1/2020Here's a really simple way to build out a contact me form that sends you an email. This could be a good solution for a portfolio-style site without a ton of back-end presence.
  • Solid User Authentication in Javascript Apps

    2/26/2019Considering JWTs for user authentication, and how to implement them. (Now, I think I'd go with sessions by default.)

I'm Austin Zentz. I live in Washington, DC. I build and customize tools that help school systems make smart decisions. When I can, I work with Javascript, and I sometimes write about what I find.

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